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PhoenixGMN Social Media Enterprise Introduction:- is a pioneer in Social Media Domain and is proud to have some amazing social media assets under its label to demonstrate our well established expertise in Social Media Marketing as well as in building Social Media/Social Networking customer engagement community portals around a brand/product or subject of interest. Our HQ is in London, UK with back office operations based in Noida, Delhi.

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) Approach:-

Social Media has taken the world by storm. Its explosive growth through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Buzz has demolished the Old Media and its archaic PR, Advertising & Marketing models. World's population now spends more time on social media than on any other media channels like TV, newspaper, radio etc. Advertising focus and spend on online channels is increasing exponentially as it is far more easier to target the right audience there and to measure the effectivity of a marketing campaign. Social media has come across as the most cost effective marketing tool so far which helps creating popularity around a subject or product. We are proud to present ourselves as one of the pioneers and early stage experts in the domain having a thorough understanding of how the social media works. Our team of experts is very well versed with all the intricacies involved in a SMM campaign. Checkout how Social Media helped world's leading brands:- IBM, Pepsi, BBC,DELL, Cadburys, Vodafone, Volkswagen and many other similar success stories.
I Luv London on Facebook
Our Social Media Enterprise:-
» - UK's first powerful social and professional network for Bloggers - Groups, Events, Blogs, Videos and much more. Imagine UK's most passionate and vocal bloggers under one umbrella, sharing ideas, causes and opinions with each other. Well that is what you will find on
» - Find everything in London, including Love. Liked a hottie/cutie on TUBE? Find him/her again! Post a Love@Tube message NOW! Find all London information like maps, guides, hidden treasures, restaurants, pubs, theatres, cinemas, museums, art galleries, parking spots, parks, hospitals and much more.
Here is a sample of some (out of hundreds) significant social media assets we maintain for our clients:-
Our Leading Facebook NRI Assets:- on Facebook
Indian Jokes on Facebook
Our NRI Official Channels On Youtube:- - Official Indians In London Channel on Youtube - Official Bollywood In London Channel on Youtube
Few of the almost hundred groups and pages we maintain on Facebook/Linkedin/Orkut are mentioned below:- Indians In London (biggest out there on fb) Indians In UK (biggest out there on fb) South Asian Filmmakers, Media Professionals-London&UK Young Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups and Investors Club - UK Bollywood Clubbing, Fans & Movie Meetups In London & UK Indian Professionals In London & UK Single & Charming Indians In London/UK Indian Students In London & UK
Linkedin Assets:- - Leading Indian Professionals NRIs Network - UK - LinkedIn - Indian Entrepreneurs, Startups and Investors Club - UK- LinkedIn - Official NRIs - Indian Professionals Worldwide Network - LinkedIn
Other Powerful Social Media & Promotion Platforms (UK):- - Bollywood Fans In London Meetup - London's leading tech meetup about apps & games

What we offer:-

SMM Campaign management around Products & Services :-

Along with development of a bespoke customised community engagement platform centred around your product/service, we are experts at creating Social Media Buzz for any service or product e.g Movies, iPhone Apps & Games, Travel & Tourism Packages, Hosipitality Industry & Restaurants, Real Estate Business, Startup Promotion etc. On top of that we can also generate buzz through Polls, Shaping Opinion, Alternative Press, PR release syndication, Youtube video virals, banner adverts, featured reviews, featured adverts & editor blogs, featured news in the newsletters etc. It is clearly evident that opportunities are endless. Our team of experts can give your product/service a powerful take-off within days. We hold good command in Social Media Marketing on facebook/twitter/linkedin and many other regional community platforms and forums. We are happy to be your Global SMM Partner - Reach Everyone On Internet!


If you are seeking a SMM partner for a product, service, website or mobile app/game then we can provide you the best launch vehicle out there. For any of your Social Media Marketing requirements, please contact us at info[@]

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